General Technical Characteristics


The plates used for Socam products in various thicknesses, 1, are chosen, the type of cold-rolled FEP01 UNI in 5886 with tight flatness tolerance.


The treatment of metal parts is done by degreasing, cleaning, passivation tunnel keep warm. The next painting is executed with application of epoxy systems with a controlled delivery, followed by curing at 180 °.

Cladding panels

Melamine chipboard panels, bilaminates and covered in wood used in the production Socam respond to class E1 (low formaldehyde).

→ General Technical Characteristics

Certifications and test results of products Socam according to UNI – EN.

The tests which were carried out our products components correspond to the current UNI – EN our country in force. The tests consist of tests of strength and endurance, the ability to submit a number of motions related to the use of time. Test results, expressed in a variety of levels of evidence obtained by the product on a scale of values generally from 1 to 5, scale refers to the levels of use. Levels 4 and 5 are the highest and therefore required for public and collective. The tests were performed at the laboratories CATAS of San Giovanni a Natisone (Udine) that issued the relevant certificates required to be documented for any supplies.