The wide range of cupboards, filing cabinets, security cupboards, multipurpose cupboards and shelving, available in a variety of finishes, makes it possible to install the Containers programme into any working area and filing arrangement. Meticulously researched design combined with modern production technologies ensures the very high quality of these products, guaranteeing their duration in time. The various sizes and types of cupboards can be equipped with a melamine top (available in the various finishes in the Socam programmes), making it possible to transform them into bookcases which integrate perfectly with the furnishings. The finishes available are light grey (RAL 7035), sand (RAL 7031), anthracite grey (RAL 7016) and aluminium grey (RAL 9006). The leaf door version of the cupboards comes complete with lock and guarantees complete use of the inner space, offering full access to the interior.